I know in the deepest part of me that I am here to share my healing gifts. I believe we heal ourselves. Within this space of healing, I identify as more of a guide to remembering. Sharing practices, tools, experiences and wisdom that have been transformational on my own journey, to support your path towards healing and expansion.  

I grew up in the South (USA) in a chaotic and abusive environment. Mental illness and addiction were (and still are) prevalent in my family. I now see that darkness as part of my soul contract for my mission in this earthly incarnation. When I chose this earthly life, I had to make certain agreements and commitments to develop my spirit. And we all made the agreement to forget where we came from when we entered this realm. 

In 2015 I manifested the opportunity to move to Hawaii and for the past six years I have been on the path to remembering. My time on Maui attuned me to my energetic gifts, gave me tools to heal and expand my heart, and gifted me several opportunities to learn various modalities of healing. 

I am here to share with you how you can:

  • Remember where you came from + your divine spirit 

  • Open up to your path + purpose for this life

  • Heal childhood trauma 

  • Activate intuition + manifestations

  • Connect with divine consciousness

Courses and Trainings

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) 

     Karin Kuhn at Maui Yoga Shala 


Kundalini Teacher Training (KRI220)

     Rama Yoga Institute 

     Guru Singh- Bridge Program


Intuitive Collective Certification 

     The Medium School 


Gong Therapy Certification  

     TouchStone Vibrations: Faye Tangles


Medicinal Facilitator Training 

     Maui Immersion Program 


Aquarian Women's Leadership Society: Member  


To Be Magnetic: Pathway Member