I know in the deepest part of me that I am here to share my healing gifts. I wouldn't call myself a "healer" as I believe we heal ourselves. I identify as more of a guide. Sharing practicies, tools, experiecnes and wisdom that has been transformation on my journey as an empath and highly sensative being.  It brings me so much joy to be in the space of 


I grew up in the South (USA) in an extremely chaotic enviroment. Mental illness and addiction were (and still are) prevalent in my family. Being the oldest of four children I developed techniques to protect myself and my siblings. Which I now identify as my empathic gifts.

Bringing the shadow (subconscious) into the light (conscious) 


I remembered my soul contract for this earthly incarnation and I am here to share my evolution. I am here to be a light to those who are consumed by shadow.

After trying so. many, freaking, things. I'm here to tell you what work (and it is work!) can transmute shame around finances//money, traumatic childhood events and loops, toxic relationship patterns 

It gets to be a super power, it gets to be a gift to the world.

Throughout my life I have been drawn to healing I moved away from traditional academia to pursue my passions in other holistic modalities of healing. In 2015 I completed my. 200 hour RYT on Maui and since have acquired certifications and courses in several movement practices, breathwork, creative writing, and manifestation.  I am passionate about learning and growing. Currently I am training in mediumship and investing more in my intuitive gifts. Plant medicine journies. 

To my fellow empath and highly sensative sentient beings: i see you, i hear you, i know you.