Rachel Tarver 

Intuitive Coach For Empaths 


Do you strongly feel the energies of those around you as if they were you own? Become overwhelmed with the emotions around you, especially painful//negative emotions? Find it difficult to set and honor boundaries? Find it difficult to say no when too much is being asked? Emotionally drained after being around others, especially large groups? Heightened sensitivity to noise, smell and excessive talk? Easily impacted//moved to tears by image or movies? Referred to as too sensitive, too caring or too attentive? 

If you grew up in an environment where chaos, instability, neglect and//or abuse were present you would naturally develop these empath or highly sensitive tools as a way to protect yourself. 


I have identified as an empath and highly sensitive being from a very young age, After many years learning different spiritual healing modalities and connecting deeply with my intuition, I mastered the skills to tune in and regulate this state. Transmuting it from an overwhelming experience to a healing superpower. Paired with my energetic gifts of clairaudience (ability to hear spirit) and clairsentience (ability to sense//read energy and immediate inner knowing) I guide people in the healing realm. 


I believe that we all heal ourselves. Therefore I do not call myself a healer, rather a guide on the path of healing and//or an intuitive coach. It is my honor to serve as a guide and a light upon this path. Illuminating the next step or even a new path we can take together. I am here to support you in creating a new reality for yourself where you are able to harness your empathic gifts for empowerment. Then shed layers so that your brightest light will shine 

I also believe in doing the "work" to remove blocks and repair trauma loops. Yoga and meditation are beautiful practices and a solid foundation. But they are the most basic of tools. If you want to reach the next level, ascend to your highest self, and attain your deepest desires it will require a deeper cosmic journey within. That journey will be challenging, deeply rewarding and will be dramatically accelerated with a support person by your side. 

What that looks like in my practice and coaching: 

  • cathartic movement + breathwork 

  • uncovering deep rooted shame + trauma and allowing it to come to the surface

  • discovering how this shame + trauma creates subconscious limiting beliefs that block you from having your deepest desires as well as drains your energy on a daily basis 

  • creating awareness around your specific blocks, loops, and emotional limitations

  • learning how to reprogram these subconscious limiting beliefs with mindset tools + manifestation practices + daily rituals

  • how to set and honor healthy boundaries and how to say "no"

  • create a clear channel to your desires and allow your manifestations to flow in with ease 

  • ascension into the higher realm and your highest frequency 

Through connecting deeply with my energetic gifts, my spirit guide team, and plant medicine ceremonies I have been shown this is my path and how I can best serve the world.  Please see my offerings and rates page for more information and reach out with any questions you may have. It is an honor to have you here in my space within the ethers and, should you feel guided, I would be honored to work with you.

Sending you light codes + Infinite love.

and so it is.